Discover your Soul's Purpose through your life's Work

Business and Career profiling with Psychological Astrology

You've taken the conventional route for your own career, only to find that after ticking all the boxes, something's still amiss and you can't pin the reason for it down. Jobs that you've had in the past were all just so unsatisfying.

Let's work together to identify the personal blocks that hold you back from pursuing that career that feels right for you, that is more aligned with your unique talents, and plays to your strengths and interests. We'll break through these blocks together, bringing you closer to your Soul's Purpose.

Hello! I'm Tonya

I’m a Professional Astrologer and Business Coach. I help mid-career professionals and solopreneurs discover Work that is meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling. I use Psychological Astrology to help you identify your inner genius so that you can contribute to the world with your unique talent.

How I can help you

Which of the following suits you more?


I've found my calling and know what my Soul Purpose is. I'm a Soulpreneur. I need support and guidance to bring my business to greater heights from where it is now.

At Career Crossroads

I know I'm meant to do Work that is aligned with my Soul, but I'm not sure how to move forwards. I need support and guidance to move into Work that is more meaningful and purposeful.

What clients are saying

"I felt validation that I’m on the right career path."
Kristina H
Marketing Professional
"I used to think Astrology was all superstition … until Tonya showed me the practical applications of it."
Sharon Tan
"I think the session was useful in making me see my blind spots."
Anderson Foo
Human Resources Manager


If you’re ready to find out how you can contribute and work in a more meaningful way then book a free, no-obligations discovery call with me today!