You're at Career Crossroads.

You're at Career Crossroads.

You’ve worked in a corporate setting for many years now. You feel like your career has stagnated – you’re pretty high up in the corporate ladder but you’re not moving up anymore. Work is like clockwork, but you are dissatisfied with the way things are going. Perhaps you’re constantly asking yourself, “Is this it?”

You have an idea of the work that you’d really like to do which will give you more meaning and purpose. You’re looking to start a journey towards a  meaningful career without the limiting beliefs and doubts that hold you back.

Does this sound like you?

You're in your comfort zone

Life is comfortable for you right now and you think it would be an uphill task to give up everything you've spent decades building up

The market is already saturated

Your loved ones discourage you - too many other people are doing the same thing, they say

You think nobody's going to like you

You can't imagine starting all over again and who in the world would hire/pay you for something you think you have no expertise in

You want job security

You want security in your life and the job that you currently have is the answer

Deep down inside of you, you're ready to make that change

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what was holding you back, what your own blind spots are and you could finally get clarity on a career more suitable for you, that completely lit you up. 

Astrology Career Consultations

Career Astrology will provide greater clarity on your strengths and abilities. You will also learn what works for you using your unique astrological signature. Using Psychological Astrology, we will deep dive into what makes you uniquely you and find our your inner genius and talent.

Astrology Career Profiling

  • 90-minute interactive online session
  • Creative visualization exercises
  • Personal Career Profile Report

Career Astrology Consultation

  • 120-minute interactive online session
  • Psychological Astrology Consultation
  • Personal Career Profile report with highlights of the year ahead (forecast)

Consultation fees start from S$200

These sessions are...

Perfect for you if

  • You believe in working in alignment with your values and soul purpose
  • You’re ready to work through your own blind spots that keep you from taking the steps towards a meaningful career
  • You know you can have that dream career by taking practical action

Not a good fit if

  • You don’t know yet what else you can do
  • You haven’t taken action to start that process of identifying what else you can do
  • You want an Astrology consultation that is a Fortune-telling session that will tell you exactly what job will give you success

Here's what to expect when you book a consult

Fill up Form

You’ll fill in the form and tell me all about your career goals with your personal details

Quick chat

We'll have a quick chat to see if we're a good fit. I'll send you an invoice when you confirm your session

Schedule Appointment

We'll schedule an appointment once your payment has been received

The Consult

We’ll meet online on Zoom to discuss your Career

Why am I doing this?

Over 5 years ago, I left my corporate job. Prior to that, I was feeling very dissatisfied with it and it became very apparent to me that meaning and purpose were missing from my career. And this was very important to me. I didn’t have a clear ‘Why’ for what I was doing. I tried many things – personal training, holistic healing, meditation, and even experimented with podcasting. I lacked an inner compass to help me to decide on what my next steps were. I was constantly listening to other people about what I should do, and I wished I could have fast-tracked my journey. It was only when I realized I had tools to help me did I then set on a path which was better suited to me:

  • Astrology as a structured compass to guide me based on my personal birth chart
  • Creative Visualization exercises to help me to tune into my own intuition and find out what was right for me

I’m here to help you find a way that works for YOU, to find your own inner compass.

If this speaks to you, book a no-obligations discovery call with me today.