Business Brand Essence Sessions

Business Brand Essence Sessions

Branding with Astrology & Human Design

You feel like you’ve been going in circles, trying to articulate what you stand for in your business.

It’s tough finding the right words to communicate HOW you bring VALUE to your clients, even though they’re think you’re great at what you do for them.

You’d love to take all the guesswork out of how to brand your business, so that you can reach your ideal clients more easily.

Ever wished you had a roadmap that guides you, step by step, to bring your authentic self into your business?

Gain the clarity you need around:

Your Values

Your values are the compass guiding your journey. Discover the core principles that drive you and understand how they translate into meaningful solutions for your clients.

Your Ideal Clients

Learn the art of attracting clients who align with your vision. By understanding your unique value proposition, you’ll effortlessly draw in clients who appreciate your expertise and are eager to work with you.

Business Cohesion

Your business is an extension of yourself. Achieve harmony between your personal values and your business practices. This synergy leads to a seamless brand strategy. When your inner values are reflected in your business, your brand becomes a genuine, compelling story that resonates with your audience.

Branding with Astrology & Human Design will help identify your unique essence and translate it into a cohesive brand identity.

This session is ...

Perfect for you if

  • You believe in serving your clients in alignment with your values and purpose
  • You want your business to reflect your essence and core values
  • You’ve already been open for business for awhile
  • You need a brand refresh

Not a good fit if

  • You haven’t started serving clients yet
  • You believe that Astrology has all the answers for you and will tell you exactly what business will give you success
  • You want to be told a specific formula for success

Join me for my pilot launch of this new service offering!

Join me for my pilot launch of this new service offering!

These sessions will be in the form of open and reflective conversations about who you are in your business, and what elements of your personality you want to bring into your Business, infusing Astrology and Human Design

You will receive a workbook which will provide us with structure for our discussion and notes that you can take along the way for yourself. 

Our discussions will span 2 to 3 sessions, to give you some time to reflect and integrate what we’ve discussed in the prior sessions. 

If you’re still on the fence, drop me an email with your questions!