You're a Soulpreneur.

You're a Soulpreneur.

You’ve got a small business going. You love what you do and it is in alignment with your values and soul purpose. You want to see your pet project grow into something bigger and have a strong desire to reach more people. 

You’re seeking clarity on how to grow your business. You’re tired of going in circles and want to start running your business confidently.

You really want to make an impact in the world with the solution that you’re offering.

Does this sound like you?

No time

you don't seem to find the time to grow your business, and this is tiring you out

Feeling alone

you feel so alone, nobody understands what you're going through

Not taken seriously

nobody's taking you seriously and they don't think you can make a living from your business

Doubts creep in

you're thinking to yourself - am I in the right business? is this really what I'm meant to do?

Imagine having the clarity to run your business

Imagine what it would feel like if you could break through your own blocks that keep you from moving forwards in your business. Feel that clarity of mind and heart. You know you’ve always wanted to see your pet project become a reality. 

Business Astrology Consultations

Business Astrology will help you to build your business with much greater clarity. You will also learn what works for you using your unique astrological signature, and rather than follow a pre-determined formula. Using Psychological Astrology, we will deep dive into what makes you uniquely you and find our your inner genius and talent which you can use to help your clients.

Business Brand Profiling

  • 90-minute interactive online session
  • Creative visualization exercises
  • Personal Branding Report
  • Visual Branding Concept

Business Astrology Consultation

  • 120-minute interactive online session
  • Psychological Astrology Consultation
  • Business Astrology Blueprint
  • Highlights of the year ahead (forecast)

Consultation fees start from S$200

These sessions are...

Perfect for you if

  • You believe in serving your clients in alignment with your values and purpose
  • You’re ready to work through your own blind spots that keep you from scaling up this business that you believe in
  • You know you can make your dream business grow by taking practical action

Not a good fit if

  • You’re still not sure what your business is
  • You haven’t started serving clients yet
  • You want an Astrology consultation that is a Fortune-telling session that will tell you exactly what business will give you success

Here's what to expect when you book a consult

Fill up Form

You’ll fill in the form and tell me all about your business with your personal details

Quick chat

We'll have a quick chat to see if we're a good fit. I'll send you an invoice when you confirm your session

Schedule Appointment

We'll schedule an appointment once your payment has been received

The Consult

We’ll meet online on Zoom to discuss your Business

Why am I doing this?

4 years ago, I began on this very path to set up my own business.  My first business failed. It didn’t fail because I wasn’t good at the service I was offering. It failed because I had lots of internal blind spots and limiting beliefs which I couldn’t see at that time. I followed what other people advised me to start my own business. I paid attention to many useless activities which didn’t help me grow my business. I’ve learnt those lessons the hard way and looking back, I wish I had a Personal Guide to help me through this journey. This wasn’t something that a Life Coach could do. This wasn’t something that a Marketing Guru could help me with. Eventually, I found my own approach – using a unique combination of Psychological Astrology and Creative Visualization exercises.

Everyone has a unique way of working and a different signature blueprint. I finally found out what works for me, and I’d like to help you discover your own business blueprint.

If this speaks to you, book a no-obligations discovery call with me today.