From Finance to Food Styling & Photography – a journey of how toxic working experiences helped me discover my creative and artistic talent : Interview with Ananya

I’d like to introduce you to Ananya, aka Ana, the accountant turned Food Stylist and Photographer. Ana’s a scintillating personality who owns her boutique firm, Eat Crave Grub, providing a very specialized skill of Food and Product Styling and Photography. She’s able to execute the A to Z of the entire production process for her clients and loves to elevate her clients’ brands visually.

My time spent with Ana was like meeting an old friend – there were similarities which we shared in our paths, starting from a childhood that was steeped in tradition and conformity. Growing up, we’d both envisioned ourselves as professionals. We both took a similar route towards being qualified accountants, working for one of the big 4 firms back in the day. But for Ananya, as things got toxic at her day job, she started to question if it was indeed the career for her. What she did took guts. She decided that it was enough and that she could find something more fulfilling to do. Her toxic working experience challenged her to explore beyond her comfort zone and discover her talent in creative styling and photography.

Here are the highlights of my interview with Ana:

[01:46] What Ana does for a living today
[04:19] How Ana decided on Accounting & Finance as her first career
[12:15] Discovering her own inner strength as she went through many toxic working experiences in the corporate world
[19:20] How she started her creative streak with Food Styling & Photography
[24:40] Ana’s first client experience and what it taught her about herself
[48:35] What Ana’s discovered about herself in this journey, as she looks back

Astrologically speaking highlights (Birth Chart Analysis):

[05:27] Sun sign is Virgo and Dominant Archetype is Capricorn – what’s the difference?
[10:01] Ana’s transferable strengths & skills – how this shows up in both the old and current job
[14:15] How Ana’s experience of a toxic working environment shows up in her natal chart
[28:50] Ana’s money house – how she will earn her money and the value she provides
[30:26] Discovery of Ana’s strong lean towards creative expression and why it may have taken awhile for her to figure it out initially
[37:35] Ana’s daily work and what it entails, which includes beauty, aesthetics, balance and harmony
[40:30] Ana’s career and calling, which has business-like and professional traits, yet also speaks of success on her own terms, and has a uniqueness to it

Watch the video interview on Youtube below: