How Astrology can empower you, and it isn’t about telling you what your future beholds

Do you think that Astrology involves some kind of crystal ball-gazing activity where I will predict exactly what happens in your life? Whilst it is possible to use Astrology to determine the energy of certain events happening in the future, it isn’t my main focus as an Astrologer. And I’ll tell you why. I’ve realized that I’m not in control of external events that happen. I’m not in control of what someone is going to say to me. It is disempowering. But what I can control, is my own reaction towards an external event, or my own emotional state of mind when something happens.

So for example, if my boss tells me that he wants to give me feedback about my performance at work, how will I choose to react? Do I react defensively and take it to heart that this feedback session is actually an attack on my abilities? Or can I choose to ask myself if what I thought was really true, and choose to take it as constructive feedback that this will help me to improve, and improve the team’s performance as a whole?

Using my natal chart as an example, in the area of working life (the 6th house in Astrology), I take on a Scorpionic approach (not the same as my Sun Sign, which is Libra). I know that this would be my default setting – so with work, I might be naturally defensive, and might initially perceive feedback from my boss to be an attack on my personal abilities. My guard might be up, and I might refuse to take in the feedback and do something positive about it. Or, I could also use the same Scorpio approach, and look deeper into why I am reacting this way, to look at the psychological factors behind it (because Scorpio is also very capable of delving deeper), and see if there is anything in me that I’m still holding onto, which maybe just doesn’t help me anymore, because I really didn’t need to take that protective stance in the first place. Perhaps it stemmed from the feeling of an unsafe environment where I grew up. But I’m a grown up now, and I’ve worked for a few years on my own demons, but I know they’ll still pop up on me every now and then. I ask myself, “What can I do to reframe this?”. I realize that this behaviour comes from my personal history, which I have worked on, and that I can choose once again, that this feedback is for the improvement of myself, so that I can contribute in a better way to my team.

There are always multiple sides and angles to looking at things. And my reality is created through these beliefs and perceptions…. or stories that I tell myself. I can always choose to change my mind for a more positive outcome. I’ve felt so much more empowered knowing this, just simply by knowing my Natal or Birth Chart better.

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