How Astrology helps you identify your client’s greatest challenges that you can help them with

I met with 2 other entrepreneurs to brainstorm on how we could work together to come up with a packaged product for our clients. When we first started the discussion, we also seemed to go in circles about how we could collaborate. I decided to share with them this useful information about our Astrology Birth Chart – that not only does the South Node show you your comfort zone, it also shows you the potential challenges that your clients face that you’ll be really good at solving for them – because you would be able to empathize so well with their journey.

The South Node represents our comfort zone in life and we know what happens when we stay in our comfort zone for too long – we start to feel stagnant, and experience the negative effects of being in the comfort zone. Over time, you start feeling more uncomfortable, until you’re pushed to do something about it. You’re pushed to grow, and try a different direction, which is where the North Node of your Life’s purpose comes in. This is how the South and North Nodes work together. ⁣

During our discussion, I started taking each of my friends through their South and North Nodes. ⁣

S has her South Node in Scorpio in the 10th House of society and public reputation, and her North Node in Taurus in the 4th House of personal safety, home and comfort. ⁣She’s likely to attract clients who are fearful of rejection by society, because of who they are. They are suspicious of others and anxious because they are thinking of all the possible things that could go wrong. They would also feel powerless in society. ⁣

S’s mission would be to help these clients find personal safety within themselves in a more physical manner, ie. through their senses. Her mission would also help them find their value from within instead of depending on how society sees them through their need for external validation.⁣ As a bodyworker and therapist, S found this information useful as she knows she’s on the right path and will use this information to craft better offerings that can help those clients and add value to their lives. ⁣

Shortly after I told her about her South and North nodes, S came up with the idea for our packaged product and tested it on a few clients – turns out that it was well-received! ⁣

Curious about your South and North Nodes? Use the free birth chart generator to see where your nodes are located.

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