Moon Phases: An experiment in effective energy management

As an experiment for this month, I decided to work with the Moon phases and cycles. Why, you might ask. Lately been feeling as if I just don’t have enough energy to keep going like an energizer bunny. I realise that my own energy reserves are somewhat limited and therefore I am motivated to utlise my own energy in the best possible way. I first came across Kate Northrup’s book, Do Less a couple of years ago, but I didn’t actually launch into the experiment back then, also because I had loads more energy to tap into. She spoke of following your menstrual cycles and it’s also akin to following Moon phases too. But now, my own menstrual cycles aren’t consistent (peri-menopause). So I’m trying out the Moon phases instead.

If you feel more compelled to follow your own body, you may also try to follow your own menstrual cycles.

In reality, there are 8 moon phases, but for the purposes of practicality, I will follow the 4 main moon phases instead.

In general, the Moon’s cycle is approximately 29.5 days and within this time frame, the moon moves away from the Sun as it makes its orbit around earth and then joins the Sun again at the end of its cycle.

The New Moon phase is where everything is dark and where the Moon is hidden by the Sun’s rays. This phase coincides with the menstruation phase, or  winter time. It is a time where a new cycle is just beginning and there is potential for new seeds to be sown. This is also a good time for rest, reflections and going internal. Journaling, reflections, resting and self-care are more important during this feminine stage of the cycle.

The Waxing First Quarter Moon is when the moon starts to get brighter and is seen in the sky as a half moon.  This time is a period for growth, action and building structures. This coincides with the Follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, or spring time. This is a good time for planning, initiating, brainstorming, starting new projects and structures. This is also considered to be a more masculine stage of the cycle, where outward actions are more apparent.

The Full Moon is where the Moon is directly opposite the Sun and reflects the Sun’s rays. This is the period of culmination. This phase coincides with the Ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, or summer time. This is a good time for socializing, presenting, being visible. This is also a masculine stage of the cycle where you may be more motivated to be seen and heard.

The Waning Moon is where the Moon’s light is decreasing as it moves away from the Sun. This also coincides with the Luteal phase of menstruation and autumn. This is a feminine phase where things go more inwards. This is a good time for tying up loose ends, completing projects, and remaining focused on smaller tasks and integration.

On a practical note, it would not be possible to change your entire routine and fit this new regime into 100% of your life. What I’m doing now is trying to follow the phases for about 20% of the things I do, so it is a small but significant change in my routine right now.

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