Navigating a Pluto Transit Part 1: The Dark Night of the Soul

Navigating a Pluto Transit isn’t easy. For some of you who’ve tried to Google it up, there might have been some pretty scary stories and accounts about Pluto Transits. I have to say though, that while a Pluto transit is usually painful, it certainly has given me strength and resilience. I guess, that’s what Pluto is about too – power and resilience.

So before I start with the storytelling, here’s a little primer on the relevant Astrological description of what a Pluto Transit is.

What is a Pluto Transit?

When I refer to Pluto Transit, I am talking about the position of the planet in the sky. In this case, this was where Pluto was from Feb 2021 to Nov 2023, making it an almost 34 month time frame for me, because transiting Pluto was making some aspects (calculated) to my birth chart. It differs from one person to the next, depending on the configuration of your birth chart, because a Transit is always analysed in relation to your birth chart.

What does Pluto represent?

Pluto is an extremely dark (dwarf) planet. Pluto loves to excavate and go deep. It unearths toxicity and all the stuff that’s been built up over the years in your life, and makes you face it. I was fortunate enough to go through my Pluto transit when I’d already been through a major and radical change in my life…. A spiritual awakening, which turned my whole perspective on life, and myself 180 degrees. More on this another day. But yes, my Pluto experience was certainly a detox in many ways! Pluto is also about endings and beginnings, so in order for me to move forwards, I had to let some stuff go. Otherwise, I might not have survived it. What becomes so empowering with Pluto is that, after going through everything, I can look back and see how far I’ve come, and I feel so proud of myself. In a way, I feel as if I’ve been bestowed some kind of invincibility, because come what may, I KNOW I can and will survive. Life can throw me many curveballs and I can feel awful about it, but I can get through it. (And learning that my emotions are not my identity was key too).

What sign was Pluto in?

With Pluto in Capricorn, it brings about the opportunity to break down old structures that aren’t needed anymore. Old values that I had – about what success meant to me, following societal conventions and norms, being old school, and rigid about things, being too outcome focused for the sake of it, as well as wanting to fit in out of the fear of not feeling loved and wanted.

What areas of life did this Pluto transit impact?

With Pluto travelling through my 8th house of psychology, crisis, the occult, death and rebirth, investments, shared finances, sex, taboo, inheritance and loans, these were major themes in my life over the last 2.5 years or so.

Pluto also formed an aspect pattern with Mercury and Uranus which are sitting in my 5th house of media, games, entertainment, creative expression and creations (including children).

During this time, the Pluto transit impacted not one but 3 planets in my birthchart…. which means that I was significantly impacted by this transit.

The Moon, which represents my emotions, mother, the subconscious and my family, these were definitely also parts of me that were impacted the most.

Mercury, which represents how I think, communicate, process information, take in information, and how I express my thoughts.

Uranus which represents the rebel in me, how I want to challenge the status quo, looking at things out of the box.

Back to the story of how it all unfolded for me back in 2021…

First started my major Pluto transit with Pluto transiting my natal Uranus at 26 degrees Capricorn this started all the way back in Feb 2021. I can’t recall any major events in Feb 2021, but April 2021 was a shocker for me – I got a call from my mother about her diagnosis for breast cancer. I was shaken, but my own coping mechanisms left me feeling almost numb from the news. When Pluto transits and squares my natal Uranus and Mercury, it made left me feeling shocked, and the news was definitely unexpected for me. When she told me the news, she was also stoic about it. And I guess that’s where I get it from. The news was delivered to me in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner and immediately my mind launched into trying to figure out how to solve the problem (my Capricorn Moon was probably playing its role here in keeping me from facing all those scary emotions). Could she get a second opinion? Could I find out more about what a breast cancer patient does? I don’t think I was affected by her diagnosis at that time… but I realise that I couldn’t get in touch with my own feelings. And that’s my natural modus operandi. Thankfully, she went through her treatments and came out at the other end fine. The surgery was successful and she only had to undergo radiation and not chemotherapy, and take hormone drugs to help her prevent the cancer from recurring.

Fast forward to June 2021, I decided to go for my mammogram and check ups because the insurance company insisted i do the examinations.

Thank goodness it was mandated because I’d been delaying my trip to the hospital on account of covid (I stayed away from hospitals since 2020). And lo and behold, I was the one to receive the shocking news this time. I’d known I was feeling some discomfort, and so underlying all of that was the worst fear. That I had breast cancer too. I think the most painful part to me was telling my parents. I think when I told my father, he was also shocked by the news and could not conceal his reaction. As for my husband, I think he was freaking out on the inside, but had to put up a brave front for me. I felt overwhelmed. Not by my own feelings, but it was the overwhelm from dealing with my loved ones’ feelings, …. because the dial was turned up on their feelings initially, so it was difficult for me to feel my own (I also have 6 out of 9 Human Design centres undefined and what it means is that I get quite easily affected by my environment). And so I retreated. That felt like the best possible thing to do. I didn’t want to face everyone’s concerns. I didn’t want to be asked a kajjillion questions about how I was feeling and what I was going to do, because I had no answers, I only knew I had to take one step at a time and that in itself was scary…. but what was even more uncomfortable at that time for me was that I could feel all that discomfort from everyone else around me.. that volume was overwhelming. It felt as if someone playing all kinds of music genres out loud at the same time… a cacophony of feelings everywhere!

My first response to the overwhelm was to ringfence the amount of contact that I had with other people. My husband wanted to tell people about me, but I was more resistant to it – I really didn’t want to deal with all the worried questions and have to answer everyone. So we’d agreed that he would face the world for me, and I would write them a blog post.

Read the blog post here.

More of my story will be shared soon…. I’ll post them initially on Instagram, so do follow me there.

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